Woof! Woof! The Best Pool Toys For Dogs!

Lots of dogs love the water whether they’re at the beach, lake or pool throw a ball and they’ll swim after it! If you have a pet dog or know of someone who does, you will know they’re mad for retrieving a ball. There are lots of different options for you to think about when deciding which pool toy to get for your dog. Maybe you’re looking for a more exciting ball rather than your standard tennis ball or you want your dog to enjoy the pool and sunshine as much as you do and are looking at a pool float. Keep your furry friend happy and let them enjoy the pool and water as much as us humans with our guide to the best pool toys for dogs!

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Your dog might enjoy chasing the tennis ball on their everyday walk down the beach or on the field but why not treat them to a Waboba ball?

Wobaba is a brand that created the ball that bounces on water in 2005. After the success of their first initial ball, they now have a range of different Waboba balls that are designed for different surfaces such as surf, skippers, extreme water and land. They have also designed a water ball for dogs, your dog’s new best friend! This ball bounces on water and is the perfect ball for your dog to play fetch in the swimming pool. The ball is firm, sturdy and very durable so that it is safe for your dog to handle every time they retrieve it in the water. It is a bright yellow colour to allow for the best visibility when playing fetch.

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Skipping Stones

Everyone enjoys trying to skip stones along the water but now you can have fun trying to get the most skips in one shot whilst also entertaining your dog!

The Kurgo skipping stones are stone shaped chew toys that float so that your dog can fetch them back to you. They come in easy to spot colours and safe for your dog to chew as they are super tough. This gives you the perfect balance whilst your lying by the pool as you can practice your skipping stones skills and then let your dog go fetch and give them a fun and playful workout in the water. This is a great and innovative way for you and your dog to enjoy pool activities together.

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Your dog wont want to be chasing after a ball all the time and just like you they might want to relax on the water and take a nap.

Swim Ways offers a dog float, which is a pool float that is strong enough to hold your dog. Whether you have a large Labrador or a small Yorkie, your dog will be safe relaxing on this durable inflatable float. Built with reinforced construction and heavy-duty fabric, it is paw and claw friendly to allow furry friend to cool off in the pool. Now your dog can be properly involved the next time you have a pool party or family round to relax by the pool. Grab your favorite pool float and enjoy relaxing knowing your dog can join in too. Dog floats are also good for any dog that might be scared of the water. It is important to try get them over their fear so by having them on a float, whilst you’re holding it, will slowly get them closer to the water and help make them feel more comfortable. You can let them lie on the float out of the water and carry them in and keep a hold of them whilst they float on the pool. By having you there they will feel more comfortable and you can slowly back off and see how comfortable they are.

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Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disc

The Aerobie Dogobie Flying Disc is a great pool toy for dogs. It is a soft, flexible and squidgy disc that can be thrown and caught just like a frisbee.

It is used a catch and fetch toy and helps train your dog well for catching and retrieving the disc. The plus is that this disc floats so if you throw the disc before your dog is in the water, they can jump and swim to the disc and retrieve it. The disc material is very sturdy and won’t get damaged after being in a dog’s mouth. This flying disc is a fun toy for your dog to play with in and out of the pool but also helps when training your dog in catching and retrieving. It is very easy to throw and can glide a long distance, even if you’re a beginner. Enjoy the warm weather in your garden, lying by the pool and keep your dog occupied by throwing this disc and everyone will be happy!

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It is important that your dog has a happy and healthy lifestyle. By letting them swim in the pool and fetch toys from the pool, they are getting great exercise through swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercises for dogs as it helps strengthen their legs a lot quicker than walking or running. A large majority of dogs enjoy the water and fetching for toys so by having one of the swimming pool toys you are letting them enjoy their time whilst improving their health.

Once they have had their morning walk and jumps in the pool chasing after their balls or flying disc they can relax on their float that has been especially made just for dogs. They can enjoy the sun and warm weather just as much as you! There tail will be wagging all day as they will be very happy after having fun in the pool then relaxing on the pool on their own float. If you go to a friend or family’s pool party be sure to take your dogs toys so they can have as much fun by the pool as all the other guests.

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