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When the sun is shining and its warm outside, there is nothing better than having a day by the pool. Swimming pools are the perfect place to hang out with your friends, soak up the sun and have fun. Whether you have your own pool in your back garden, a local community pool or you’re on holiday, gather your friends and have fun in the water. Whilst you’re in the swimming pool why not play some swimming pool games to make your time together more entertaining? Below are some of the best swimming pool games for adults; some of the games include items you will need to take to the pool with you and some that you only need yourself, your friends and the water to have fun!

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Swimming Pool Races

Test your strength and ability against your friends by having swimming pool races. Swimming pool races are simple games that can create hours of fun in the pool. Gather your friends at one side of the pool and count down from 3 then swim as fast as you can to the other end. The person who touches the pool on the other side wins. This game is great fun and can be played with just one other friend or in a big group of people. You can mix this up by having rounds; the winner of round 1, 2, 3 and 4 will compete to get the overall winner. You could also have consequences and forfeits for the person who comes last, e.g. the person who comes last has to do a cannonball or belly flop into the water. Or the person who comes last has to take a shot of alcohol, by incorporating alcohol into the game will make everything more fun and is perfect for adults. These options allow the game to be more competitive and fun, everyone will try harder to win and avoid the forfeits for coming last.

Pool Beer Pong Boards

Beer pong is a popular game loved and played by millions of adults who enjoy playing drinking games. The game is pretty simple, throw a ping pong ball and land it in the opponent’s cup, if this happens the opponent has to drink whatever is in the cup that the ball landed in. The aim of the game is to get rid of the apposing teams cups to become the winner. This is a very popular party game but why not take the party to the swimming pool by buying a pool beer pong board. These are available from lots of great stores and online so you can purchase one before your next pool party. The pool beer pong boards are inflatable boards that are the same size as if you were playing on your normal table. They have sections on each side of the table to hold the drinks as well as a storage section in the middle to keep additional beverages cool. This game tests your throwing skill to another level as the table is floating on the water. So if you’re looking for some classic and authentic fun the next time you’re at a pool party then a pool beer pong board is a must buy.


Volleyball is a popular swimming pool game for adults and can become quite competitive. If you have access to a net then all you need is a ball, it can be an inflatable beach ball, a mini football, or a real volleyball. This is the perfect swimming pool game as it can be fun and competitive at the same time. Gather your friends and decide who is going to be on each time then battle it out to see who will be the water volleyball champion. Whether you play girls vs. boys, or lets the captains choose their favorite players, make sure you’re on a good team so you can win!

Simon Says

Simon Says is a popular kids game but adults can enjoy it too. Add some adult twist to the game by making your friends do some grown-up actions like taking a shot of alcohol, drinking a can of beer or doing hard challenges in the water like touch the bottom of the pool or a somersault. This is a great swimming pool game for adults that don’t involve any items so you can have plenty of fun without spending money on accessories. Sometimes the best and most fun games are the ones that only involve yourself and friends without the fuss of accessories and items. Simon Says is a great game for one person to be in charge of a group of people and can lead to lots of funny situations. For example if you’re Simon, you can tell everyone to spin around 3 times, in the water then shout ‘hello’. Everyone else would be confused and amused at what they’re seeing! You can easily add some extra fun to this game by making the instructions timed and the last person to do what Simon says has to take a shot of alcohol or do a funny forfeit.


There are a lot of swimming pool games that are fun and entertaining that can be playing in and around the pool. Children and adults can play lots of pool games but games just for adults usually add an extra element or twist on to a family game. For example everyone can play swimming pool races but at an adults pool party they can be played with a twist of a forfeit of alcohol or a dare. When you’re at your next pool party, use one of these ideas for a swimming pool game or think of some of the games you used to play as a child and play that but add a twist to it. This is usually alcohol but it could also be a round of truth or dare or a funny forfeit that everyone can watch the person do. Swimming pool games are important as they add an element of fun to a normal day at the pool or pool party. Spice up the fun at your next pool party and make sure you get everyone involve with your favorite swimming pool games.

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