The Longest Range Water Guns


Sometimes, all it takes to wind down after a long week is a good water fight with your friends. Whether you’re a grownup who is young at heart, or a child with love for some splashy fun, these powerful water guns can shoot torrents of water at your opponents over long distances to make sure you get them fully soaked, however much they try to dodge you!

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Whether you are buying one for some exhilarating water wars or to get rid of creatures like squirrels and cats without actually hurting them, you need to get something that weighs less, seems durable and is able to shoot stronger jets over greater distances instead of feeble squirts. Listed here are a few water guns with the longest range instead of the mere 10 to 25 feet covered by the average well-made water gun. So, choose what suits you most and get ready for some amazing wet and wild adventure- it’s time for war!


The Original Steam Machine Water Gun, (2-Pack)

Promising an outstanding range of up to 70 feet, this thin cylindrical water gun is best when you need to shoot over a long distance. Being durable and lightweight, the user-friendly water toy has rave reviews all over the internet. The 17 inch shaft can hold enough water to release powerful floods with the ability to even hurt sometimes, making these popular with both adults and children alike.


According to many reviews, the guns do not cover the actual distance of 70 feet, but still go up to 50 feet which is much farther than the average water gun. The nominal price, however, makes up for this drawback. When ordering, colors may vary from their pictures on Amazon, and a single product is actually a pair of two Original Steam Machine Water Guns.

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Buzz Bee Toys Water Warriors Stingray Water Blaster


Designed especially to work over longer ranges up to 42 feet away, this top rated water gun by Buzz Bee Toys is one of the coolest water blasters to date. Popular among older kids and some fun loving adults as well, the Stingray features an impressive large 48-ounce tank and a long distance nozzle for some serious spraying action.


The Stingray Water Blaster is best suited for children over 5 years of age since it works through a pumping mechanism which can be difficult to operate by younger children who might also find it heavy to lift when fully filled with water. Once you feel you’ve built up enough pressure, trigger away at your target and enjoy watching the powerful stream take over them!


Overall, a good buy if you can afford to spend a bit more- the high quality and durability makes up for it.

Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast

Super Soaker by Larami Ltd, the best known brand since 1989, is still a popular choice when it comes to the coolest water guns. With a very high capacity of 74 fluid ounces, the Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast is one of its kind, with the ability to shoot streams as far as 38 feet after being pumped.


Only requiring pump action without any trigger, the Breach Blast will surely take your target by surprise once you pull back the barrel.


Known exclusively for its long distance shooting, the colorful Super Soaker can be your ideal partner in long range water shooting, making sure you have a blast!


Nerf Super Soaker Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker

Unleash massive jets of water and emerge victorious in all your wars. It’s time to wreak some serious havoc with the best known water gun of these times!

Of course it’s another Super Soaker product, because we just can’t seem to get enough of it. If you are in quest of some high capacity, powerful gear for some serious water fighting, look no further. The Tri Strike Crossbow Soaker is just the thing you need.


Impress your enemies while drenching them with the stylish crossbow design. The Tri Strike soaker can hold up to 40 fluid ounces of water, and shoot a single stream of water as far as 38 feet away, or three streams at the same time at a closer range if you want some massive drenching action. These two different modes of shooting can be set by the adjustable arms of the soaker.


With the recommended age being 6 to 99 years and an abundance of five-star ratings and positive customer reviews online, this Crossbow Soaker has the potential to keep both adults and children entertained.


White Leopard Water Blaster Gun

If you are looking for one of the longest range water guns with great value for money, high quality and zero complaints about leakage, this is the go-to product for you.

With outstanding ratings on the internet, this recently launched product can soak targets as far as 35 feet away. Suitable for everyone over 3 years of age, the White Leopard Water Blaster is becoming exceedingly popular as the gift of choice for younger children and toddlers, being lightweight, durable and easy to operate, while holding a large capacity of water. Adults can also make good use in warding off creatures like raccoons without any fear of getting soaked due to leakage. High ratings with 100% customer satisfaction make this cheap, stylish blue and white water blaster the perfect buy for some summer excitement.


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Gone are the days when weak, short distance squirts used to make water fights fun. Its time to get serious with the most powerful, top rated products! So, once you make your choice of one of these longest distance water guns, be prepared to enjoy soaking your targets from head to toe, no matter how much they run trying to save themselves. A water warrior with state-of-the art gear, you are now equipped to dominate them all. Just be careful not to squirt someone in the eye!

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