7 Awesome Water Balloon Game Ideas

Water balloons are very fun to play with and are great to have when taking part in a water fight. They are made from thin latex rubber so that they can easily pop when they hit something hard with force such as a wall or person or when something sharp hits them. They are very popular with kids who want to have fun in the garden on a sunny day. They are quick and easy to fill with water and tie so you can fill lots of balloons in very little time.

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Water balloons are fun to use and don’t hurt when being hit by one as they simply burst with water and soak you. They are one of the best accessories to be armed with in a water fight as you can throw lots very easily and hopefully soak your opponent. There are lots of game ideas you can play with water balloons some that involve just water balloons and others that include additional accessories.

These games can bring hours of fun for kids when it’s a warm and sunny day, to play in the back garden or local park. Birthday parties are a great opportunity to use water balloons and play some games, if you’re having an outdoor party then why not have some games of hot potato, dodge ball and even egg and spoon races all using filled water balloons.

Hot Potato 

Hot potato is a popular ball game played at school, the park or parties. The simple rules are to pass the ball whilst the music plays when the music stops, the player who is holding the ball is out. The game ends when there is one player left who didn’t have the ball when the music ended. This game can be played with footballs, tennis balls or bean bags but it could also be played with a water balloon to add an extra element of fun and a twist to the original game. Using the same rules, play hot potato but use a water balloon instead of a ball. The player who has the balloon when the music stops is out but the balloon is likely to pop after being thrown a few times so the person the balloon pops on will also be out. This is a fun version of hot potato as the children will be excited and nervous in case the balloon pops on them in case they get soaked.

Dodge Ball(oon)

If you don’t dodge the balloon, you will get soaked! Play a classic game of dodge ball but use water balloons instead of a dodge ball. Every player is bound to get soaked so make sure it’s a warm and sunny day. Fill lots of water balloons so each team has plenty to spare then separate the players into two teams. Each team has to try and hit their opponents with a balloon and once you’ve been hit (and probably soaked) you’re out! This is a great backyard game for all the family to get involved with and can create house of fun on a hot sunny day.

Water Balloon Spoon Races

Forget egg and spoon races! Change your egg for a water balloon and have extra fun in the sun. Using the usual rules that the egg and spoon race follows, players have to run from one side to the other whilst keeping their balloon on the spoon. If it falls, it will most likely pop and soaked you! If this happens then you’re out, if you’re lucky and it doesn’t pop then quickly pick it up and carry on running to try and win the race.

Water Balloon Toss

The water balloon toss is a basic game of pass. Get everyone in partners and then everyone passes their water balloon between their pairs. Once your balloon pops you’re out and the last pair to have their balloon pop is the winner. This is a fun and thrilling game as everyone will be a little scared incase their balloon pops as they catch it and soaks them in the face!

Big Water Balloon

Water balloons are safe for children over 3 to play with, this means children in pre-school and above can have fun playing with water balloons. One game that should be played is the big water balloon challenge. Players will take it in turns to fill up their water balloon as much as possible and the biggest balloon (without popping) wins. This is quite a simple game but can be very entertaining for children especially if some of their balloons pop whilst filling them up as they will get soaked.

Target Practice

Let your children practice their aim by throwing water balloons at targets. Get some small rings and place them on the floor in different places. Each target can have different scores depending on their difficulty and your children can take it in turns to aim, shoot and fire their water balloons into the targets. As the water balloon hits the floor it will pop so you will know exactly where the balloon landed first, this is great for you to count up scores at the end. The winner will be the person who hit the most targets; the loser can pick up all the empty balloons!


Water Balloon Bouncer

The game ideas you can come up with with a water balloon bouncer . You can combine it with many of the mentioned games (potato, dodge, toss) to make them complex and interesting. Or invent entirely new games. Or, honestly, you can just pick one of these things up and you (or the kids) will start exploring different things to do with them. This is one of top water balloon toys you can have.


The possibilities for water balloon game ideas are endless! There are lots of different ways you and your children, friends and families can have hours of fun on a hot sunny day in the garden with a packet of water balloon and garden hose. A lot of the games you can play only require water and water balloons so it is a cheap way to make hours of entertainment in the garden. From water fights to throwing games and testing and improving your aim, there is lots of ways in which your children can experiment with water balloons and have lots of fun with their friends. So make sure the next time it is a hot and sunny day and your family spends the day together in the garden that you remember the water balloons to ensure lots of entertainment and fun had by all.

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